WAVE-3G (Multipath Fading Simulator)

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The WAVE-3G Multipath Fading Simulator simulates channel characteristics for 3G wireless communication.  This model was discontinued due to the rapid changing of 3G standards; however, the product would be very useful in an educational environment.


General Description

The WAVE-3G™ simulates channel characteristics for wireless communication systems and standards including: Cellular and PCS 3GPP/W-CDMA/GSM, cdma200/CDG/IS-95, IMT-2000, Wireless LAN, Smart Antennas, Wireless Local Loop, Cordless Telephone and CATV/HDTV. Applications include: Mobile Phone Test, Base Station Test, Product Development, Laboratory Research, Design Verification Test, System Performance Evaluation, Type Approval Test and Quality Assurance.

The WAVE-3G™ Multipath Fading Simulator incorporates the latest technologies for simulating multipath fading and injecting Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) to test existing and next generation communication systems.

The WAVE-3G™ simulates a real-world environment for evaluating performance of communication system with confidence and ease. The WAVE-3G™ is perfectly suited for system development and type approval testing.

Using state-of-the-art digital signal processor (DSP) technology, the WAVE-3G™ provides improved multipath fading simulation enabling more confidence in test results. With its internal digital power meter and built-in digital noise source, a single instrument provides accurate and repetitive multipath fading and carrier-to-noise setting ability.

Major Features

  • Complete channel simulation including multipath fading and AWGN in one instrument
  • Compatible with 3GPP (UMTS/GSM) and cdma2000 (CDG/IS-95) test standards and more
  • Fully digital implementation using latest DSP technology resulting in high accuracy and repeatability
  • Flexible and powerful real-time dynamic fading environment for moving propagation and birth-death propagation conditions
  • User defined I/Q impairment and internal calibration capabilities for chipset design and test
  • Built-in Industry standard fading profiles
  • User defined profiles
  • Controlled via Windows® GUI or GPIB.