About Us

Hollis Electronics Company LLC (HEC) was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Amherst, New Hampshire. HEC has a long history of successfully designing, developing, manufacturing and supporting analog, digital and RF signal analysis and processing systems for integration and deployment to customers and sites around the globe.

Mission Statement:
The company mission is to use and advance state-of-the-art communication engineering technology for the benefit of our customers.

HEC Products:

  • Channel Simulators
  • Satellite Delay Simulator (HSDS)
  • Wave-3G Multipath Fading Simulator
  • Radio Channel Simulators (Troposcatter, HF)
  • Network Analysis
  • Burst Mode Link Analyzer (BMLA+)
  • TDMA System Monitor Measurement Unit (TSM-MU)
  • Non-Disruptive Measurement System (NDMS)
  • Tri-burst
  • Other/Custom
  • SORF FlyWheel
  • DSP Platform
  • Custom Products

HEC Services:

  • Complex communication system design and development
  • Comprehensive in-house hardware, software and manufacturing capabilities
  • Wide array of repair/upgrade services to various equipment manufacturers
  • Environmental studies and testing
  • Third party review and testing of new products

Some of HEC’s Customers: