Hollis Electronics Company LLC is an internationally recognized manufacturer of wireless and satellite test equipment and a provider of research and development support services.

Satellite Simulator : HSDS
The HSDS provides earth station to satellite digital simulation by adding Delay, Frequency Doppler, AGWN, Fading to your signal for GEO, LEO, MEO, and Molniya satellites. The HSDS allows for reliable, repeatable test scenarios and environment for your satellite equipment. Unique features to the HSDS include a fully digital solution, a system which never requires calibration, and one piece of equipment for easy setup and use. Optional SatProfile software allows user to build simulation data files in a graphical user interface and access to satellite data for 3,000+ existing LEO, MEO, Molniya, and GEO satellites.

Link Analyzers : RF BMLA+ and BMLA+
The BMLA+ product series are data link performance analysis tools, which allow operators to check and correct equalization issues without reducing quality or having costly down time. The BMLA+ can also be used as a CW generator and as a jamming device.

Carrier to Noise Generator : CNG-DX
CNG-DX series is a fully digital AGWN noise source. Never requires calibration.

Troposcatter Simulator : HTSS
The HTSS is a quad diversity Troposcatter channel simulator which interfaces with your radio equipment at 70MHz IF. The complete digital implementation provides high accuracy and exact repeatability. An integrated AWGN noise source coupled with an internal digital power meter supports accurate setting of SNR and Eb/No.

Multipath Fading Simulator

The WAVE-3G is a multipath fading simulator supports 3GG requirements.

Bit Error Test Sets

The HBTS is a high speed bit error rate test set with multiple user interfaces such as EHSSI, TIA/EIA-422/530, and KG-95-1. The data rate supported is 64Kbps – 622Mbps.