SatProfile Software

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SatProfile is a graphical user interface to complement the current HSDS user interface.

SatProfile aids users in generating satellite profile data files for LEO, MEO, MOLNIYA, and GEO satellite orbits to be used as input to the HSDS satellite simulator.

SatProfile provides minimum and maximum values for Frequency Doppler, Delay, and Rate of Change for GEO satellites.


SatProfile has a powerful graphical user interface:

Access to Pre-configured Data:

  • Select LEO, MEO, MOLNIYA, and GEO satellites from 3,000+ satellites.
  • Select 1,600+ pre-configured ground observers or add new observers via longitude and latitude coordinates.

Graphical Earth Map:

  • Display satellite, observer, and ground tracks.
  • Animate satellite path.
  • Set time to real-time, arbitrary time, or animated time.

Satellite Simulation Data File Generation:

  • Choose to create a simulation of a round trip satellite communication, or just the uplink, or downlink communication path

Configure Fading and Noise:

  • Select from eight standard profiles

Ability to set:

  • Uplink and Downlink frequencies.
  • Fixed values for signal attenuation and noise level.
  • Date, start time, and duration of simulation test. Or for non-GEO satellites, select a future pass from a generated list based on observers acquisition of signal (AOS). Duration of signal is also calculated for the user.
  • View simulation data graphs for simulation created:
    • Simulation data
    • Cumulative Simulation Data
    • Relative SNR